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We are a non-profit international recruitment agency that connects employers with vetted and qualified professionals in refugee situations living abroad. 

We aim to contribute to a world where professionals living in refugee situations can use their skills to secure bright futures while they strengthen the Canadian workplace with their knowledge, experience, and skills.

Join our purpose and fill your staffing shortages with qualified, experienced, and loyal professionals.

Our Process is Simple

Our recruitment process is rigorous and reliable, ensuring that the candidates are the right ones for your specific needs. 

Our customers can rest assured they will find strong talent and retention, and have our 3-month guarantee if they feel the professional isn’t the right fit for their team.

What You Get

Why Choose TalentLift?

Frequently Asked Questions

TalentLift is a non-profit organization that is focused on placing skilled candidates in refugee situations into more stable long-term environments. Typically, recruiting agencies ask for a percentage of the salary, and focus on just placement rather then long-term staffing success. This leads to higher costs and more turnover compared to our model.

We offer end-to-end support, including candidate sourcing, initial screening, coordinating interviews, and assisting with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring experience.

Yes, there are specific legal considerations. Our team provides guidance on immigration and work permit processes, ensuring compliance with Canadian employment and immigration laws.

Absolutely. We offer resources and training for cultural integration, supporting both the candidates and your team in fostering a cohesive and inclusive workplace.

Hiring our candidates can bring unique skills and perspectives to your team, enhance your company’s culture and diversity, and demonstrate a major social impact.

Invest in Talent That Drives Your Business and the World - Forward.

Make a difference in people’s lives’ while filling your staffing shortage. Begin your journey towards a more dynamic, skilled, and diverse workforce today.